A la lumière de nos voix

Director: Marco Gianni
Production: The Eubage Ltd.
Genre: Documentary
Country: Italy
Year: 2014

The documentary tells the teaching experience of a group of drummers from Aosta Valley in Burkina Faso. The project, undertaken by the Vallée d'Aoste company L’Eubage srl., was supported by the Foundation in post-production step.

Location: Burkina Faso

Budget on the territory: 9,000 Euro
Support Film Commission VDA: 6,000 Euro

L'amante del cervo

Director: Carmelo Brustia
Production: Carmelo Brustia
Genre: Art Video
Year: 2015

A little girl tells her dream to a woman: a white queen is taking the lives of four dancers, a deer is walking in the snow. At the foot of a cold forest, there’s a mysterious being along the main road to get to the castle. Passing through the entrance, he gets to the castle hall where a group of mysterious humans with animal features are taking part in a festival. The obscure gets through the crowd and approaches the presence of the court. Slowly he takes out from the coat a young boy that starts dancing. The whole crowd of people freezes but slowly, through the choreography, they come to life again. At the end of the dance the young man approaches her lover on the central throne, and kisses her on the lips. The guests wake up and begin to look at each other and then leave the room. The dancer is swallowed by the mysterious being who had given birth and disappears. The lover remains alone in the room observing his end, his death.

Location: Sarre, Gressoney, Saint Jean

General budget: 5.000 EUR
Budget on the territory - post-production: 5.000 EUR
Support Film Commission VdA: logistico


Director: Alessandro Stevanon
Production: Ezechiele 25:17 film production
Genre: Documentary
Country: Italia
Year: 2012

Giuseppe Bertuna, “manager of the eternity department in the hospital of Aosta” like he loves to define himself, is very well known with the nickname “Pino America”, which was buckled to him after a three year-old stay in the USA. His eccentric suits, its surreal discourses with the friends of the caffés of the historical center have given him an authentic character known by all the inhabitants of the city of Aosta.

Location VdA: Aosta

General budget: 27.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 24.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 11.000 Euros


Premio Michelangelo Antonioni per il regista del miglior cortometraggio (Bif&st 2014)
Premio al Miglior Cortometraggio (Ischia Film Festival 2014)
Premio al Miglior Cortometraggio (FMK International Short Film Festival 2014)
Premio Speciale della Critica (Castellaneta Film Fest 2014)
Premio per la Miglior Regia (BiFF 2014)
Premio per la Miglior Regia (Corti di Sabbia 2014)
Primo Premio (Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio Città di Erice 2014)
Secondo Premio (Catone Film Festival 2014)
Menzione Speciale al Miglior Cortometraggio (Lo Spiraglio Film Festival 2014)
Menzione Speciale alla Regia (Figari Film Fest 2014)
Special Jury Award (Prokuplje Short Film Festival 2014)


2014 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
2014 Bif&st - Bari International Film Festival (Bari, Italy)
2014 Terra di Cinema - Festival du nouveau cinéma italien (Tremblay-en-France, France)
2014 Pázmány Film Festival (Budapest, Hungary)
2014 BiFF - Bibbiena Film Festival (Bibbiena, Italy)
2014 Festival Internazionale del Cinema Patologico (Roma, Italy)
2014 Prokuplje Short Film Festival (Prokuplje, Serbia)
2014 Festival del Cinema Europeo (Lecce, Italy)
2014 Docucity - Festival di cinema documentario (Sesto San Giovanni, Italy)
2014 Arno Stream Fest (Signa, Italy)
2014 Salón Internacional de la Luz (Bogotà, Colombia)
2014 Corto Tendenza Festival (Barcellona P.G., Italy)
2014 Corto in Bra International Film Festival (Bra, Italy)
2014 Lo Spiraglio Film Festival (Roma, Italy)
2014 Curt.doc - Festival Internacional de Curtmetrage Documental (Vidreres, Spain)
2014 Edinburgh Short Film Festival (Edinburgh, U.K.)
2014 Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio Città di Erice (Erice, Italy)
2014 Festival del Cinema (Brescello, Italy)
2014 Rencontres du film documentaire (Mellionnec, France)
2014 Genova Film Festival (Genova, Italia)
2014 Ischia Film Festival (Ischia, Italia)
2014 Figari Film Fest (Golfo Aranci, Italy)
2014 Euganea Film Festival (Colli Euganei, Italy)
2014 Lago Film Festival (Revine, Italy)
2014 FMK International Short Film Festival (Pordenone, Italy)
2014 CinemadaMare (Chiavari, Italy)
2014 Athens International Short Film Festival (Athens, Greece)
2014 Corti di Sabbia Festival del Cortometarggio (Calambrone, Italy)
2014 Catone Film Festival (Monte Porzio Catone, Italy)
2014 Castellaneta Film Fest (Castellaneta, Italy)
2014 San Giò Verona Video Festival (Verona, Italy)
2014 MoliseCinema Film Festival (Casacalenda, Italy)
2014 The Moonrise Film Festival (Well, Canada)
2014 Cervino CineMountain International Film Festival (Valtournenche, Italy)
2014 CineFortFestival (San Giorgio la Molara, Italy)
2014 Premio Cinematografico Palena (Palena, Italy)
2014 Trani Film Festival (Trani, Italy)
2014 ArtaudFilmFestival - Festival Internazionale del Cinema Documentario (Padova, Italy)
2014 La Grande Abbuffata (Napoli, Italy)
2014 I(n)Differenti (Trani, Italy)
2014 SediciCorto International Film Festival (Forlì, Italy)
2014 Arcipelago - Festival Internazionale di Cortometraggi e Nuove Immagini (Roma, Italy)

Un anno di VdA: per tutte le stagioni

Regia: Daniele Pierini
Produzione: Daniele Pierini
Genere: video promozionale
Anno: 2015

The work wants to give you a taste of the Aosta Valley culture in its unfolding in the space of a year and in its being part of a mountain landscape. The seasons in the mountains are very characteristic and influence the way you live and the culture is perceived and admired .

Location: tutto il territoio della Valle d’Aosta

Budget complessivo: 7.500 Euro
Budget sul territorio - post-produzione : 7.500 Euro
Sostegno Film Commission VdA: 5.000 Euro

Avengers: Age of ultron

Director: Joss Whedon
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Aaron Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, James Spader, Chris Hemswoth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Bettany, Stellan Skarsgard
Production: Marvel Studios
Genre: Action
Country: USA
Year: 2015

Tony Stark tries to consolidate his program for the global maintenance of peace, but things get rough for the most powerful heroes of the earth: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the unbelievable Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye must face the umpteenth threat that the destiny sets the planet in an unstable equilibrium: an old enemy appears again announcing an anxious purpose, the total annihilation of the human progeny. It will be up to the Avengers to foil the insane plans of the wicked Ultron.

Location VdA: Aosta, Forte di Bard, Verres, Donnas, Pont Saint Martin

General budget: 2.417.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: logistico

Aspirante vedovo

Director: Massimo Venier
Cast: Fabio de Luigi, Luciana Littizzetto
Production: Pupkin Production
Genre: Comedy
Country: Italy
Year: 2012

Alberto Nardi is a young entrepreneur with a lack of talent and success, but that he has been lucky to marry Luciana Almiraghi, one of the richest and most powerful women in Italy. But actually the wealthy wife does not bear anymore her liar and irresponsible husband, and she’s decided to definitely cut him the funds. A misunderstanding brings to believe that Luciana is death in a flight accident, but the party takes few time for dear Alberto that, disappointed for the missed one "widowhood", starts to plan the real way to kill his wife.

Location VdA: Parco Naturale del Mont Avic (Champdepraz)

General budget: 5.700.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 50.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 28.000 Euros

NOTES: Twelfth Italian proceed of the season 2013-2014 with 4.385.159 Euros

Away We Go

Director: Alex Schiller
Production: Isen Seven
Genre: sport movie
Country: Germany
Year: 2012

The German production IsenSeven, one of the most important in the European and international panorama on the snowboard film production, have filmed a great part of the shooting of the new ski movie Away We Go in Courmayeur. Out of habit of the Bavarian production house, the direction has been driven by Alex Schiller and Vincent Urban, two professionals with proven experience that have worked on different productions of this genre in the last ten years.
Thanks to an international diffusion, that foresees a tour of 20 dates in the most important European cities (like Munich, Moscow, Berlin and Praghe to quote only some of them), the thick diffusion on the website (RedBull TV, iTunes, YouTube, Vimeo) and a distribution on DVD around the world (USA/CAN, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zelanda) this new production represents an exception shop window for the Aosta Valley.

Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste, partnership with the Chambre valdôtaine, has supported the initiative covering part of the expenses sustained by the production on the valley and providing various consultation services related to the general organisation and the logistics.

Location VdA: Courmayeur

General budget: 72.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 28.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 14.000 Euros

La bicibicitalia

Regia: Stefano Gabriele
Produzione: Filmarno
Genere: Format TV
Anno: 2015

Bicibicitalia rides between rural areas and different Italian towns with Valentina and Federico... Bicibicitalia is a television format which lets you know, at a national level, all those areas not yet widely appreciated and discovered.

Location: Cogne

Sostegno Film Commission VdA: logistico

Chroniques d’en haut

Direction: Marc de Langenhagen
Production: France 3
Genre: TV broadcast
Country: France
Year: 2012
In the month of September 2012, the television team of this programme produced and broadcast by France 3 have departed to the discovery of the Italian slope of the Monte Bianco. Accompanied by two alpine guides from Aosta Valley, Guido Azzalea and Pierpaolo Role, the small group has explored the inhabited area of Courmayeur and the new yard of the funicular to Punta Hellbronner, making standstill in the refugees and in the campings along the way.

Location VdA: Monte Bianco chain

Budget on the territory: 10.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 6.000 Euros

Il Comandante e la Cicogna

Direction: Silvio Soldini
Cast: Alba Rohrwacher, Claudia Gerini, Giuseppe Battiston, Valerio Mastandrea, Luca Zingaretti
Production: Lionello Cerri per Lumière & Co
Genre: Comedy
Country: Italy-Switzerland
Year: 2012

Spread in the squares and in the gardens, the statues observe every morning the city that waking up again. If you get close enough o them, you can hear them thinking or even speaking. Giuseppe Garibaldi, for example, sat on his steed right in the center of a big square, does not bring peace to the sight of his Italy, more and more degraded and vulgar every day, meanwhile in the middle of the traffic and the people under of him, Leo passes by, a plumber with two children to grow up, and Diana, a young artist full of ideas but with no money on her pocket. They will meet in Malaffano’s lawyer studio, powerful and cheater, where she decorates the wall of the waiting room for few money and he has come looking for help for his daughter, that has become the protagonist of an erotic tape on internet without knowing about it. Their destinies cross a choir of characters: Elia, a little boy that fails at school and has secretly raised a stork, Amanzio, who has left the job to live like a kind of metropolitan hermit, Teresa, Leo’s dead wife who comes every night to visit him and have a little chat, and then a Chinese called Fiorenzo, a manufacturer of slippers, a mysterious private detective. While Diana and Leo, from perfect strangers, they will become a couple in love.

Locations VdA: Val d’Ayas, Stadel Soussun village

General budget: 5.000.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 20.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 7.000 Euros



Direction: Marcello Vai
Production: Moebius Film
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2014

The incredible challenge of a boy against a difficult past and to himself through the instrument of sports competition.

Location VdA: various

General budget: 30.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 11.000 Euros (Capo IV Film Fund)

Il gabbiano

Direction: Joseph Péaquin
Production: DocFilm
Genre: Documentary
Country: Italiy
Year: 2014
A jail in the outskirts of the north of Italy, in the Aosta Valley. An isolated jail, in the middle of the mountains. A jail that some tried to hide, next to the great regional discharge. This documentary will get us into the daily role of this institution adopting four points of view: instructors, volunteers, prisoners and guards.

Location VdA: Brissogne’s prision

Budgeton the territory: 40.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 10.000 Euros

Geo & Geo (2012)

Direction: Anna Bonfiglioli
Production: Rai
Genre: TV broadcast
Country: Italy
Year: 2012

Popular broadcast that captures the artisan in Aosta Valley in this occasion, highlighting in particular on the ancient work that, despite the evolution of the professional world and the globalization, resists creating a precious space in the quality manufacture. A Rai troupe has directly met the inhabitants and the artisans in the places in which they live, discovering a world out of time.

Location in VdA: Porossan, Jovençan, Gressan, Charvensod, Gignod, Fénis, Nus, Arnad, Bosses, Arvier, Chatillon, Bionaz, La Magdeleine, Valgrisenche, Valtournenche, Lago Blu (Cervino)

Budget on the territory: 5.500 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 3.500 Euros

Geo & Geo (2014)

Direction: Anna Bonfiglioli
Production: Rai
Genre: TV broadcast
Country: Italy
Year: 2014
The popular transmission of Rai 3 presented by Sveva Sagramola on air from 1984 returns in Aosta Valley after two years. Still directed by director Anna Bonfiglioli, the broadcast team continues its detailed study about the local dimension of the communities and the cultures highlighting this time the gastronomic and wine tradition of the region. The typical recipes introduced in this programme are preapred in characteristic and representative places of the culture and the tradition on the valley.

Location in VdA: Ozein, Cogne, Valpelline, Ollomont

Budget on the territory: 1.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: logistical

Gorchlach: the legend of Cordelia

Regia: Fabio Cento
Produzione: Aegyptiacus Entertainment
Genere: Serie TV
Anno: 2015

The first fantasy fiction adventure set between past and present, between reality and legend. What a unique adventure that takes you to discover the dark secrets of an ancient and esoteric amulet with the an arcane name, Gorchlach.

Location VdA: varie

Budget sul territorio - post-produzione: 9.000 Euro
Sostegno Film Commission VdA: 1.500 Euro (Capo IV Film Fund)

The Himalayas

Regia: Lee Seok-hoon
Produzione: JK Film
Genere: Lungometraggio
Anno: 2015

Mountaineer Uhm Hong-Kil and his expedition team go to the Himalayas to find the body of Park Moo-Taek.

Location: Courmayeur, Monte Bianco

Budget complessivo: 13.500.000 Euro
Budget sul territorio - post-produzione : 150.000 Euro
Sostegno Film Commission VdA: logistico
Box Office: 40.300.000 Euro

Hurts so good

Direction: Andre Nutini
Cast: Tobi Reindl, Paddy Graham, Bene Mayr, Thomas Hlawischka Produzione: Legs of Steel, Oakley, Red Bull Media House
Genre: Sportive Film
Cpuntry: Germany
Year: 2012
The best free skierses of the world gathered in a skimovie filmed in the heaven of the freeride of Europe and America.

Location VdA: Courmayeur, La Thuile

General budget: 200.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 20.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 15.000 Euros

Best International Cinematography (Freeski Film Festival Montreal 2012 di Montreal)
Location VdA: Courmayeur, La Thuile

Budget complessivo: 200.000 Euro
Budget sul territorio: 20.000 Euro
Sostegno Film Commission VdA: 15.000 Euro


Best International Cinematography' (Freeski Film Festival Montreal 2012 di Montreal)

Heaven on the 7th floor

Regia: Alessandro Stevanon
Produzione: La Fournaise
Genere: Documentario
Anno: 2016

There are places where time has stopped: whether rustic and nostalgic, modern dancing and pimps or wild nightclubs. Places that hide stories you do not expect. From the outside they’re dismissed locations with a taste of yesterday, but in which they hatch Fellini worlds: a humanity in an apparent spiral of happiness but basically full of melancholy, ambiguous and living their lives as if it were a conviction. But at the same time, thanks to this realm of the ephemeral and artificiality, to this timeless and universal world, it tries to redeem himself through the art of knowledge and mutual achievement that does not always have the chance to be practised in other countries just as easily and safety. That particular feeling that at night everything is different, that the normal things overthrow and change the connotations and leads to the perception that the control capacity of the world expands dramatically, and that everything is possible. A space of freedom where individuals can temporarily change out of their social roles to wear evasion clothing or the masks of the game. Singers, musicians, dancers, managers, local operators and radio stations are the protagonists of this varied world, multifaceted and contradictory. All this is not a phenomenon divorced from the rest of society, but it is a mirror of the present times and a reflection of the past ones.

Location: Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia

Budget complessivo: 55.500 Euro
Budget sul territorio - post-produzione : 29.200 Euro
Sostegno Film Commission VdA: 15.000 Euro

Hurzeler...Le dernier chercheur d'or

Direction: Pietro Giglio e Pietro Taldo
Cast: Pierre Lucat, Simone Gandolfo
Production: Pietro Giglio
Genre: Docufiction
Country: Italy
Year: 2012

At the beginnings of the Twentieth Century Emile Hurzeler, carpenter born in 1876 in Zofingue in the Canton of Argau, decided to emigrate to the Transvaal Province in Sudafrica to devote to the gold research. He was stopped in Marseille by the doctors that, because of a bronchitis, prevented him from embarking. During the job research, he settled in Switzerland, then in Chamonix and finally in Courmayeur in 1909, with his wife and to his children. When the I World War burst, Emile and his family were expelled from Italy for their pacifist ideas and they wouldn’t return until the conflict was finished. At their return, he took back his job as a carpenter and removed, together with Louis Bareux of Courmayeur, the concession for the exploitation of the galena silver mine in Tête Carrée, situated at 3400 meters in the tall basin of the Miage glacier.
The mine was object of an unlucky attempt of exploitation in 1925 from Jean Hurzeler that, together with Bareux, built a hut in wood near the entrance of the ancient mine. The exploitation of the layer revealed very soon its dangerous and fruitless enterprise, and it was finally abandoned.

Location VdA: Courmayeur, Miage Glacier

General budget: 92.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 55.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 20.000 Euros


2013 Sestriere Film Festival

Maison du Val d’Aoste

Regia: Elvio Caria, Patrick Nicotera
Produzione: Elvio Caria, Patrick Nicotera
Genere: Video istituzionale
Anno: 2015

How has the Aosta Valley immigration changed on French soil? The documentary focuses on the lives of four young people who have chosen to settle in Paris. The reasons that gave rise to this phenomenon are different. The work of the two regional authors try to understand the differences with the past.

Location: Parigi

Budget complessivo: 6.000 Euro
Budget sul territorio - post-produzione: 4.000 Euro
Sostegno Film Commission VdA: 2.000 Euro

Mare carbone

Direction: Gianluca Rossi
Production: Korova
Genre: Documentary
Country: Italy
Year: 2014

Margherita, 30 years old, was born and grown in Aosta, but her paternal family is southern, native from Melito in Porto Salvo, in the province of Reggio Calabria. Margherita feels that she’s deeply tied up to those places, because of her many memories, where her roots come from and where she comes back every year for the summer holidays. Every corner, every detail is beloveed; the roads are well known paths, the squares are windows to the past, people’s faces tell familiar and narrated stories.
There are many pleasant and recurrent images but however there are also some uncomfortable and reserved ones, for some more interesting verses to be focus through the special lents of the camera.
The ghostly establishment and the surreal Liquichemical story, the echo monster cost in the 70’s by 1300 million of the old liras and closed just after two days because of the "highly polluting", has always fascinated her. She has photographed it and recorded it. She has collected these memoirs.

Location: Melito Porto Salvo (Reggio Calabria)

General budget: 43.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 34.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 10.000 Euros

PRIZES: miglior documentario italiano al Festival Cinemambiente di Torino 2015

Mezzalama Maratona di Ghiaccio

Direction: Angelo Poli
Production: GiUMa Produzioni S.r.l.
Genre: TV Documentary
Country: Italy
Year: 2013

"The Mezzalama trophy has always been a competition-event being the tallest sci trial in the Alps as it’s higher than the peak of the Castor (4226m) and the Naso dei Lyskamm Pass (4150m). It is also the most classical competition because it was created in 1933, in the period in which the first ski stations and the first cable cars were built, but the Mezzalama Trophy has been faithful to the authentic ski-adventure of the pioneers that then, as today, it faces the tall mountain without any mechanical help, the true freeride both in slope, and in descent".
The production house from Trentino "GiuMa", specialized in the film creation, video and spot mainly related to the world of the mountain, has filmed a documentary about the most famous classical race of the Alps. The project has been directed in the Valley by Angelo Poles and its staff on March and April. The film shows the 2013 edition of the "Marathon of the Alps", following the protagonists of the competition during the trainings, the competition and the following phases at the end of the demonstration. A charming competitive-sporting section that becomes wealthy along the slope of unique human and landscape elements.

Location VdA: Valtournenche, Val d'Ayas, Valle di Gressoney

General budget: 24.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 24.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 8.000 Euros


Premio “Lorenzo Lucianer” Miglior Reportage Televisivo (Trento Film Festival 2013)
Premio del pubblico (Cervino Cinemountain International Film Festival 2014)


2014 Trento Film festival a Arzignano
2014 Cervino Cinemountain International Film Festival
2014 Il Trento Fil Festival a Andalo
2014 Cinema & Montagna
2014 Il Trento Film Festival a Candrai, Denno e Castellano
2014 Il Trento Film Festival a San Lorenzo in Banale
2014 Il Trento Film Festival a Tesero
2014 Trento Film Festival
2014 Valsusa Filmfest

Il migliore dei mondi possibili

Direction: Marco Andreini e Paolo Fioratti
Production: Fioratti Editore
Genre: documentario
Country: Italy
Year: 2012

The Alps preserve still today a wild aspect characterized by a rich world of organisms suited for the most severe conditions among the planet. It’s a parallel world to ours, in which the kinds which survived to the climatic stories of an ancient past, to the exploitation of the territory and the mass tourism, they spin around us, avoiding too close contacts. These are animal and plants that owe their success to the ability to get by in extreme situations. The Aosta Valley and its peaks, that represent the heart of the Alps, are the ideal stage to observe this fascinating world, "The best of the possible worlds", as Marco Andreini and Paolo Fioratti’s documentary title remembers us, for these cold and ice creatures.

Location VdA: Monte Bianco massif, Gran Paradiso Park, Graian Alps.

General budget: 100.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 83.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 6.000 Eurod


Premio della Giuria del Pubblico (Sondrio Festival 2013)
Premio WWF Italia (Gran Paradiso International Nature Film Festival – trofeo Stambecco d’oro)


2014 Echi delle Alpi e delle Tradizioni
2014 Di Terra e Cielo
2014 BIF&ST – Bari International Film&TV Festival
2013 Sondrio festival
2012 Gran Paradiso International Nature Film Festival – trofeo Stambecco d’oro

Mirage à l'italienne

Direction: Alessandra Celesia
Production: Zeugma Films
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2012

How to tell about the own country after a 15 year-old voluntary exile? Here’s the departure point of this amazing film. The director chooses not to answer directly to the questions and renouncements and to tell in first-person. "You look for a job? Alaska is waiting for you": this is the slogan posted on the external part of a cablecar in Turin. The six protagonist candidates of the film decide to go to Yakutah in Alaska and, in touch with a new culture that they don't know at all, they finally choose to stay for undertaking an eccentric working adventure.

Location: Torino and Alaska

General budget: 397.000 Euros
Budget on the territory - post-production: 20.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 10.000 Euros


Menzione Speciale “Shot” (Contest – Concorso Italiani DOC 2014)
Menzione Speciale Concorso Lungometraggi e Premio Aprile (Milano Film Festival 2013)
Menzione Speciale (Salina doc Fest 2013)


2014 Ostia Cinema Station
2014 Euganea Film Festival
2014 TagliacozzoinFilm
2014 Libero Cinema in Libera Terra
2014 Il Cinema italiano visto da Milano
2014 Contest – Concorso Italiani Doc
2013 Le Mois du film Documentaire
2013 Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montreal
2013 ViaEmil@DocFest
2013 Hors du Murs Festival
2013 Doc’ Ouest
2013 Film Festival Milano
2013 Festival du Film de Femmes Marseille
2013 Salino Doc Fest
2013 Cinéma du Réel


Regia: Veronica Fantini
Produzione: 3 Bite
Genere: Documentario
Anno: 2016

Molecole explains the life of a few social workers in Aosta Valley, a world in which the connections (molecular) between those who give and those who receive are complex and multifaceted ties. Normal people with a family, with realized or shattered dreams, with economic issues and daily concerns operating in the dense network of social services in the valley. People that every day, by choice and passion, interact with the elderly, the migrants, the disabled.

Location VdA: da definire

Budget complessivo: 30.000 Euro
Budget sul territorio - post-produzione : 30.000 Euro
Sostegno Film Commission VdA: 15.000 Euro

Le montagne non finiscono là

Regia: Arianna Colliard
Produzione: VideoAstolfoSullaLuna
Genere: Documentario
Paese: Italia
Anno: 2012

inspired on the writings of George Mallory, the documentary describes the confrontational meeting between Enrico, a climber, and Arianna, a young director passionate about the mountain. Fellow travelers and members of the same film team, the two of them are preparing an expedition in Patagonia where they try to conquer the summit of the Cerro Dos Cumbres. The project will be the starting point for a broader reflection on the climbing practice.

Budget complessivo: 46.000 Euro
Budget sul territorio: 13.500 Euro
Sostegno Film Commission VdA: 8.000 Euro

Monte Bianco

Regia: Fabio Calvi
Produzione: Magnolia
Genere: Formato TV
Anno: 2015

The program is an adventure game set in the mountains of Valle d'Aosta, which includes the participation of celebrities lent to mountaineering. This reality is conceived in Italy and expects that competitors (here only famous) contend individually, although they are accompanied by a mountain guide on the rope, to conquer the highest alpine peak, Mont Blanc.

Location: Courmayeur, Monte Bianco

Sostegno Film Commission VdA: logistico

Ninì - La storia ritrovata di Ninì Pietrasanta e Gabriele Boccalatte

Direction: Gian Luigi Giustiniani
Production: La Fournaise
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2014

Lorenzo Boccalatte rediscovers, through the tapes, the photos and the diaries that his mother left, Ninì Pietrasanta, one of the few women climber that in the thirties documented for years her challenges with a 16mm camera. The center of its alpine activity was the Aosta Valley and particulary the range of the Monte Bianco. The images of the mountain in the 30’s, the white peaks, Ninì sciing with her companions, Ninì climbing a rock wall. Among those frames in black and white there’s also Gabriele, Lorenzo's father, dead because of a landslide when his child was only one year old.
Lorenzo, who barely knew his father as a great pianist, has now finally the possibility to see his him with his mother while they climb together, hanging the rope together, fondly filming one with the other. His grandfather Riccardo, came from Milan, blesses their love while playing a pantomime. Afterwards, we discover all the following events up to the tragic death of the husband.

Location: Monte Bianco massif

General budget: 20.000 Euros
Budget on the territory - post-production: 12.240 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 6.000 Euros


Genziana d’oro per il miglior film di alpinismo e Premio Città di Imola al Trento Film Festival 2015
Premio speciale della giuria al festival di Zakopane (Polonia)
Premio Montagne d'Italia per il Miglior film italiano al Cervino Cinemountain
Menzione Speciale della Giuria al V Sestriere Film Festival
Premio Cineambulante all’Euganea Film Festival
Premio di Miglior film al Nuovi mondi Festival di Valloriate.

It has been also given a prize in the Swiss Mountain Film Festival, in the Gran Sasso Mountain Film Festival, in the Sole Luna Festival di Palermo, in the Spazio Oberdan Cineteca Milanoand in the Les Mots Festival of Aosta.

Non così lontano

Direction: Hervé Barmasse
Production: A.S.D. Les Yeux du Mont Cervin
Genre: Documentary
Country: Italy
Year: 2012

The project is born from the demand of Hervé Barmasse to compare himself, after having visited different angles of the planet, with its mountains, the Alps. Together with few climber friends he decides to face the climb of the three principal peaks in the Aosta Valley (Monte Bianco, Monte Rosa and Cervino). His approach is however original, through the exploration of unexplored little routes in entirely inusual seasons. The breathtaking images about the nature that surrounds the giants of the Alps offer a privileged point of view to the audience.

Location VdA: Monte Bianco, Monte Rosa, Monte Cervino

General budget: 41.400 Euros
Budget on the territory: 19.200 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 8.000 Euros


Premio CAI Milano “Memorial Giorgio Gualco” (Terre Alte … emozioni dal mondo 2013)
Premio Mejor Pelicula (Festival Internacional de Cine de Montana de Ushuaia 2013)
Best Mountain Film (Moscow International Festival of Mountaineering and Adventure Films “Vertical” 2013)
Best Mountaineering Film Award (Festival Gorniskega Filma 2013)
Premio del pubblico (Cervino Cine Mountain international Film Festival 2012)


2013 Terre Alte … emozioni dal mondo – Festival Internazionale del film di montagna
2013 Festival dei Festival Lugano-Switzerland
2013 Festival Internacional de Cine de Montana de Ushuaia
2013 Horolezcky Filmovy Festival – Teplice nad Metujì
2013 Les Diablerets Festival International du Film Alpin
2013 Premio Villanova Monteleone
2013 Sestriere Film Festival – Dalle montagna olimpiche … uno sguardo sul mondo
2013 Swiss Mountain Film Festival
2013 Moscow International Festival of Mountaineering and Adventure Films “Vertical”
2013 Festival Gorniskega Filma
2013 Orobie Film Festival
2012 Bovec Outdoor Film festival
2012 Festival International du Film d’Autrans
2012 BergBuchBrig
2012 International Mountain Film Festival Bansko
2012 Mondovì ALP Movie
2012 Oltre le Vette
2012 Spotkania z Filmem Gorskim
2012 Cervino Cine Mountain International Film festival
2012 Filmontagna
2012 Trento Film Festival

'O miracolo

Direction: Riccardo Piaggio
Production: Associazione Pourparler
Genre: Documentary
Country: Italia
Year: 2015

A documentary in a French style (without interviewer in field but with comments of the author), in which the meaning, the value and the social function of the religious devotion are revealed during a discovery path.
Some "popular" characters of the Napoli and Vesuvio areas tell, with the gestures and the words of the own routine, their emotional relationship with this figure among devotion, superstition, hope and fear. A researcher of the popular traditions popular, like Marino Niola, Roberto De Simone or Giovanna Marini, is the element of narrative link, that tells about the memory and the contemporaneity of the popular icon, revealing its the cultural translation: Madonna dell’Arco is the extraordinary archetype of contradictions, memories and anthropology of the contemporary Italy.
A third subject is individualized in the music of Enzo Avitabile, together with the different chorists of the Madonna dell’Arco, belonging to the authentic tradition, and therefore to the philology, in a social report perspective.

Locations: Napoli (Santuario Madonna dell'Arco), Paris

Budget on the territory: 44.700 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 10.000 Euros

NOTE: work in progress


Direction: Giovanni Cioni
Productione: Giovanni Cioni
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2016

Explore the idea of borders through individual and collective research. Starting with a plotline offered by the Canti Orfici of Dino Campana, Giovanni Cioni creates poetic material. For the Tuscan artist it’s the beginning of a new journey.

Location: on the whole territory in Aosta Valley.

General budget: 25.000 Euros
Budget on the territory - post-production: 25.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 8.000 Euros

Il Peggior Natale della mia vita

Direction: Alessandro Genovesi
Cast: Fabio De Luigi, Cristiana Capotondi, Diego Abatantuono, Antonio Catania
Production: Colorado Film Production
Genre: Comedy
Country: Italy
Year: 2012

Sequnce of the film "The worst week of my life” (“La peggior settimana della mia vitta"), the film tells about the unforgettable Christmas stories of Paolo and Margherita, with a coming and a the holidays full of unexpected jokes in the magnificent Castel Savoia of Gressoney Saint Jean, renamed in this occasion Castle Caccia.

Locations VdA: Savoia Castle, Gressoney Saint Jean

General budget: 5.000.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 405.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 30.000 Euros (+ 30.000 Euros Chambre Valdôtaine)

NOTE: seventh proceed of the season 2012-2013 with 8.000.000 Euro

Pepino's back

Regia: Luca Bich
Produzione: L’Eubage
Genere: Documentario
Anno: 2013

There is a square in the Vedado (La Habana), with the statue of John Lennon sitting quietly on a bench, watching people passing by on the street. The filmmaker Rogelio Paris says: "This statue represents the government's apology to the Cuban rockers, for being treated as counterrevolutionaries and imperialists. Music is music"

Jose Luis Fernández "Pepino" 30 years after leaving the exile, goes back to his past, to his family and friends, to the grave of his mother, back to the streets of La Habana, to the music, and at the end of this trip he finds peace and freedom.

Location: Miami, La Habana

Budget complessivo: 76.000 Euro
Budget sul territorio - post-produzione : 35.000 Euro
Sostegno Film Commission VdA: 18.000 Euro

Per grazia ricevuta

Direction: Alessandra Celesia
Production: Riccardo Piaggio
Genre: Documentary
Country: Italy
Year: 2014

"First, there was the livido. A blue bruise on the left cheek. A swelling that is the first pain and the cause of what has happened. For this livid I have missed the train and I have come to see hert, this Mother of us all that from centuries is on the slopes of the Vesuvius, calm on a magma sea. With her livido and her pain."
With these words the director from Aosta Valley Alessandra Celesia begins her personal trip in the coloured world that rotates around the cult of the "Virgin with the livido" among the roads of the Madonna dell’Arc, important district of Sant'Anastasia in the province in Naples. Between documentary and fiction, developing and widening an idea already crossed by Riccardo Piaggio in his "Oh miracle", the Celesia tells with the unusual careful and delicate touch a series of unforgettable and unique characters.

Location: Sant'Anastasia (Napoli)

Budget on the territory: 46.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 9.500 Euros

NOTE: work in progress

Pericolo verticale

Direction: Simone Gandolfo
Cast: Luca Argentero
Production: Inside Productions di Luca Argentero e Myriam Catania
Genre: TV Series / Action-Reality
Year: 2013

Television series that tells in a spectacular and involving way the daily and extraordinary activity of the Soccorso Alpino Valdostano (the mountain rescue in Aosta Valley), busy with its staff (alpine guides, physicians and pilots of helicopters) to quickly intervene on the most insidious grounds of the regional territory images filmed in the Cervinia zone, that have also has Luca Argentero as the protagonist in the double dress of producer and presenter, have completed the job of a troupe that from February to April has lived in contact with the équipe del SAV to follow day after day the interventions and the rescues effected in all of their phases.
The broadcast of the series is anticipated for autumn; the 8 episodes (of about 30 minutes each one) will be bbroadcast in evening prime time on the most important channel of the Sky platform. The project is supported by Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste, from the Regione Autonoma Valle d’Aosta and the Chambre Valdôtaine des entreprises et des activités libérales both under the economic profile and logistical.

Locations: Aosta, Cervinia, Courmayeur and, generally, the whole territory in Aosta Valley
General budget: 247.000 Euros
Budget on the territory - post-production: 229.733 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA and RAVA: 120.000 Euros

Pianeta bianco

Direction: Francesco Mattuzzi
Production: Francesco Mattuzzi
Genre: Docufiction
Country: Italy
Year: 2012

In a flight, we perceive the nature in its elementary essence. No one sees a life form, but snow stratified along the centuries. A gigantic ice formation lets numerous waterfalls pass through its feet, jerk by 10 meters. The dark granite rock studded by many cracks transforms the landscape into a wrinkled giant.
A solitary explorer, stirs with experience in the snow. With the skis on its feet, he moves lightly in an immaculate landscape. His eyes are deep and the wrinkles on its face are the story of its previous trips.
The wind moves the frozen snow in the surface, the muffled of the atmosphere dips the character in a surreal sonorous theater. The slow but sure majestic stride leads it to a mysterious object: is it a capsule magically suspended in the void of human nature? The scrunch of the footsteps in the snow becomes clearer.
With explorer attitude, the man gets in the mysterious capsule.

Location VdA: Monte Bianco (Gervasutti Refuge)

General budget: 59.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 35.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 15.000 Euros


2014 Cervino Cinemountain International Film Festival
2014 Cortina in Croda
2014 FMK Short Film Festival
2014 Trento Film Festival a Milano
2014 Trento Film Festival

Point Break (2015)

Direction: Ericson Core
Cast: Luke Bracey, Edgar Ramirez, Teresa palmer
Production: Alcon Entertainment, DMG Entertainment, Warner Bros
Genre: Action
Country: USA
Year: 2015

Film inspired in the one directed by Katherine Bigelow, with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves in the 1991. The movie, produced by Alcon Entertainment and distributed by Warner Bros, is directed by Ericson Core and this time shows the rivalry among the agent of the FBI Johnny Utah and the gang of robbers driven by the charismatic Bodhi. Over than in the Aosta Valley (Aiguille de la Grande Sassière in Valgrisenche) the shooting has also been effected in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Mexico, Venezuela, French Polinesia, India and United States.

Location VdA: Aiguille de la Grande Sassière in Valgrisenche

Budget on the territory: 1.800.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: logistical

Polaroid (Remember me Berlin)

Direction: Roberto Cuzzillo
Cast: Salvatore Li Cusi, Peter Connelly, Pierre Lucat
Production: SAP11
Genre: Drama
Country: Germany, Bosnia, Italy, Lebanon, France, Mexico
Year: 2014

The film, produced by the production house from Turin SAP11, is inserted inside an wider project, the movie “Remember me Berlin” had been composed by other seven video made by international directors selected in the "Berlinale Talent Campus 2012" and they have as the main topic "the identity in today's world".
Polaroid tells the emotional path of an homosexual boy that, through a casual and revealing meeting, will get to understand the true nature of the love, revolutionary motive power to decode and to affirm his own identity.
In this context the parallel themes of the province are developed, the relationships in the youth, the economic crisis, the general difficulty to relate with itself and with the others. The sensibility of Cuzzillo, already shown in the precedent jobs, shows, through a dry but effective recitation, the contradictions of our times.

Location VdA: Aosta

General budget: 80.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 12.800 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 15.000 Euros

Un posto al sole ... coi fiocchi

Cast: Patrizio Rispo, Marzio Honorato, Marina Giulia Cavalli, Fiorenza Tessari, Pierre Lucat, Chantal Pession
Production: FremantleMedia Italia
Genre: Soap - Fiction
Year: 2013

A place in the sun turns 18 years old and celebrates its great age with a special event: a superproduction by Rai and FremantleMedia Italia in which the more long-during and followed soap in the Italian television becomes for an evening a film-tv of 100 minutes. A special event for the format, that has no precedents at all and a fantastic Christmas gift for the over two million and a half of audience that every evening follow the fortunate series.
The special Christmas episode proposes the bind of three stories with different tone and content, settled in different locations. As the tradition of the popular soap, that approaches different narrative lines and unites feeling, smiles and social themes, the line of one of the stories, that is explained as a comedy, is filmed on the snows of Cervinia and Valtournenche.
For the selected place 17 scenes have been written and filmed in location and others in the set, made on the best way to create the territory as it looks like. The protagonists of the secondement have been the beloved comic couple Raffaele and Renato, followed by the friends Ornella and Adriana. The four main characters have been, in this order: Patrician Rispo, Marzio Honorato, Marina Giulia Cavalli, Fiorenza Tessari. For the occasion two more actors from the Aosta Valley have been inserted in the cast: Chantal Pession and Pierre Lucat.

Locations: Cervinia, Valtournenche

Budget on the territory - post-production: 30.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 15.000 Euros

NOTE: Two milion audience during the first night in RAI 3

Produzioni Indiane


Direction: Puri Jagannadh
Cast: Ravi Teja, Ileana D’Cruz, Mohammad Ajum Ali, Brahmanandam
Production Co: Sri Venkateswara, Cine Chitra (Andhra Pradesh)
Remake from a film made in 1973 with the Indian stars RAVI TEJA (Nandi Award in 2008 for "Neninthe") and ILEANA Di cruz.
As a tradition of the immense oriental country, the typology of the film follows the classical stereotypy of the "BOLLYWOOD" production: it’s, in fact, a "romantic movie" with singing and dancing scenes that have been filmed in the middle of the heritage areas and the beautiful landscapes of the region.

Shooting duration: 10 days in May 2012
Location in VdA: Saint Vincent, Cervinia, Vetan, Verrand
Budget on the territory: 10.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: logistical support


Direction: Sanjay Gadhvi
Cast: Arjum Rampal, Nidhi Subbaiah, Arshad Warsi, Jacky Bhagani
Production Co: Puja Entertainment India Itd (Mumbai)

Bollywood movie filmed in the beginning of June between the village of Pont Serrand and the Piccolo San Bernardo Pass.

Shooting duration: From June 3rd until 7th, 2012
Location in VdA: Piccolo San Bernardo Pass, Pont Serrand
Budget on the territory: 8.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: logistical support

“PAGLU 2” (2012)

Direction: Rajib Biswas
Cast: Dev, Koyel Mullick
Production Co: Surinder Films (Bengali)

Film about Tollywood (Calcutta) filmed in the beginnings of July among the suburb of Buic, the Piccolo San Bernardo Pass, the Teatro Romano of Aosta and La Thuile. A song that appears in the film is entirely located in the Aosta Valley.

Shooting duration: from July 7th until 9th, 2012
Location in VdA: Buic, Piccolo San Bernardo Pass, Teatro Romano of Aosta, La Thuile
Budget on the territory: 6.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: logistical support


Direction: Shaikh Nasir
Cast: Al Amin, Aswini Khairnar
Production Co: Dipti Bhatnagar Productions

"Melegaon Ka Chintu", this is the name of the television format, which is about the comic performances of Al Almin (a real Indian "Mister Bean" called Chintu in the fiction) and Ashiwini Kharimar (Pinkie, the female protagonist of the series). The team has filmed in the Teatro Romano of and in Piazza Chanoux of Aosta, as well as in the well known Castello Gamba di Châtillon and in the beautiful Cogne Valley.

Shooting duration: From October 30th until November 2nd, 2015
Location in VdA: Teatro Romano and Piazza Chanoux in Aosta, Gamba di Châtillon Castle, Cogne Valley
Budget on the territory: 4500 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: logistical support

BRAMMAN (2014)

Direction: Socrates
Cast: Sasi Kumar, Lavanya Tripathi
Production K Manju Cinemas

Between action and comedy “Bramman” is the new film from the director Socrates, played by star Tamil Sasi Kumar and the debute Indian model Lavanya Tripathi.

Shooting duration: 3 days in July 2013
Location in VdA: Piazza Chanoux in Aosta, Airport of Aosta, Saint Nicolas, Saint Christophe
Budget on the territory: 5000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: logistical support


Direction: Rabi Kinnagi
Cast: Sohan Chakraborty, Mimi Chakraborty, Laboni Sarkar
Production: Sree Ventateswara Cine

English Bangali Babu Mem is a romantic comedy directed by the Indian director Ravi Kinnagi and distributed by Shree Venkatesh Films. The film is an adaptation scene by scene of the film Punjabi Jatt & Juliet.

Shooting duration: 3 days in August 2013
Location in VdA: Courmayeur, Aosta, Saint Vincent, Chamois, Verrand
Budget on the territory: 3000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: logistical support


VEDALAM (2015)

Direction: Siva
Cast: Ajith Kumar, Shruti Haasan
Production: A. M. Rathnam

Ganesh meets a trio of criminal brothers when it tips off the police about them. When they try to take revenge, they realize that it has a score to settle with them.

Shooting duration: 3 days in August 2015
Locations: Gressoney, Saint Jean
General budget: 8.005.000 Euros
Budget on the territory - post-production: 25.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: logistical

Questa miniera

Direction: Valeria Allievi
Production: RAVA
Genre: Documentary
Country: Italy
Year: 2013

The mine of Cogne has represented for long decades the work source for many families in the valley. In addition, it constitutes an inestimable patrimony of memory, affections and solid social bonds. It is the tallest mine in Europe and it dominates the country from the top, but it may definitely be closed with the cessation of the mining concession. Valeria Allievi traces a touching and genuine profile, never intrusive, of the local communities and the visceral relationship with the ancient mine to the search of a popular identity that may disappear forever.

Location VdA: Cogne valley

General budget: 80.906 Euros
Budget on the territory: 80.906 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 789 Euros for promotion


2013 Annecy Cinema Italien
2013 Immagimondo
2013 Cervino Cinemountain International Film Festival
2013 Trento Film Festival a Milano
2013 Trento Film festival

Richard The Lionheart: Rebellion

Direction: Stefano Milla
Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Gregory Chandler, Debbie Rochon
Production: Claang Entertainment, Whonderphil Productions e Doma Entertainment
Genre: Historic-Epic
Year: 2014

After being surviving miraculously the captivity in a hidden fortification and after having shown his value conquering the apellative "Lion Heart", Richard joines his brothers Henry the Young and Geoffrey in the rebellion in action against their father the king Henry II.
We are at the end of the XII century and the Middle Age is constatly shaken by the turbulent relationships between England and France in an endless game of alliances, betrayals and plots. And "against nature", the rebellion of the three real brothers against their father is supported by the king Louis from France that hosts the rebels in Paris to start the agreements.
In the meantime, king Henry II imprisons his wife Eleanore d’Acquitaine, principal promoting of the rebellion. The queen is in a castle in the north of France, during a clandestine meeting with a possible allied, when the implacable knight William Marshal, to the orders of the king, comes for the arrest. The man of the castle stands in the way of the capture of the queen, and he is killed in a bloody duel against William. Alys, the daughter of the death gentleman swears revenge but is also imprisoned and stepped away from her territory.

Locations: Fénis, Introd

General budget: 140.000 Euros
Budget on the territory - post-production: 15.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 5.000 Euros


- Temecula Independent Film Festival 2015: BEST MOVIE; BEST ACTION FEATURE
- Indie Fest La Jolla 2015: AWARD OF MERIT
- CombatCon Las Vegas 2015: OFFICIAL SELECTION
- Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 2015: BEST ORIGINAL SCORE

Se ho vinto se ho perso

Direction: Gian Luca Rossi
Production: Korova
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2016

The documentary introduces the story of the artistic and human Aosta Valley band of Kina, a leading figure of the Italian and international punk scene of the 80s, from the private points of view of its members and staff. A trip to the present, in the everyday "ordinary" lives that the protagonists are living today, on the research of the traces that link them to that past lived so intensely, between concerts, occupations and grueling van tours.

A journey to their choices, to their doubts, to their memories; while echoing the question suggested by the last verse of their most famous song: if I’ve won if I’ve lost...

Location VdA: to define

General budget: 36.000 Euros
Budget on the territory - post-production: 26.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 8.000 Euros

Snow Camp

Cast: Raquel Iendrick
Production: KN Video (Tele Globo).
Genre: TV broadcast
Country: Brazil
Year: 2013

An important Brazilian television broadcast present on the territory of Aosta Valley during the month of February in La Thuile to film some meaningful images of the skiing station and its district. We’re talking about the itinerante crew of the TV show named Snow Camp, produced by KN Video and broadcast in South America by one of the most successful satellite channels of Tele Globo. Snow Camp is in summary a broadcast dedicated to the winter sports lovers that aims to introduce to the audience he most exclusive and well equipped ski stations of the planet, illustrating in the detail its ski slopes, installations, services, characters and traditions in a nice and competent way.
The undisputed star of the broadcast is the young and beautiful Brazilian snowborer Raquel Iendrick, who comments and appears in the shooting along the ski slopes. After the American locations (like Aspen, Lake Louise, Copper Mountain and Ushuaia) and the main French and German ski stations, La Thuile has been the only Italiano location of the "colored" Brazilian production.

Location VdA: La Thuile

General budget: 16.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 4.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 2.947 Euros

NOTE: broadcasted in South America through one of the most successful satellite channel of Tele Globo

La sfida di Vanessa

Direction: Eloïse Barbieri
Production: Eloïse Barbieri
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2015

Since 2003, when she left Belgium to live in Chamonix, Vanessa is dedicates her life to the mountain, but on a spring morning a block of ice breaks her back and shatters also her dreams. After a year of rehabilitation, Vanessa comes back to live in Chamonix, but this time on a wheelchair and paralyzed up to her chest.

Step by step Vanessa finds the desire to move despite the paralysis. Thanks to a group of friends she climbs the sheer walls, difficult path after the rise of a big wall of 600m in Yosemite. The next project of Vanessa is the ascent of the Grand Capucin, a monolith of granite with a 3883m top in the Monte Bianco massif. Vanessa is happy to be able to live again her passion for mountain climbing, but she also knows that soon it will be time to turn the page. These excursions mean too much energy to her, after five years of a life lived from day to day, now she feels that she can consider growing old in a wheelchair and wants to build her own future. By the own force of her arms, Vanessa gets to the top of the Grand Capucin and also to the bottom of her soul.

Locations: Courmayeur, Chamonix

General budget: 6.700 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 1.500 Euros (Capo IV Film Fund)

Storie di uomini e lupi fra paura, leggenda e realtà

Direction: Alessandro Abba Legnazzi
Production: Babydoc Film
Genre: Documentary
Country: Itals
Year: 2012

Few have seen him, but many speak about it. The reintroduction of the wolf has created fear in places where it hadn’t been seen wandering since a lot of time ago. While this new apparition raises the curiosity of the scientific community that gets organized to deepen the study and the observation, the farmers become anxious in front of a threat they think they have to defend themselves about.


Location VdA: many

General budge: 120.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 36.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 5.000 Euros

Studi sul qui non c’è niente

Direction: Eleonora Mastropietro
Production: La Fournaise
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2016

In August the "Remained" and the "Gone" meet again in fifteen days of summer when the towns come back to life, reuniting stories, places and distant times between them. From the present/future of the city and the present/past of the small villages in a corner of Italy compressed between Puglia, Basilicata and Campagna, there’s a running out of lives of men and women, witnesses of an untold spell and never digested in the past of this country.

Location: to define

General budget: 55.000 Euros
Budget on the territory - post-production: 29.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 10.000 Euros

Sui miei passi: viaggio nell'altro Afghanistan

Direction: Eloise Barbieri
Production: Eloise Barbieri
Genre: Documentary
Country: Italy
Year: 2014

There is a valley in Afghanistan that the war has never reached, it is an extremity of the earth, perhaps larger than some kilometers that get lost in the middle of tall mountains.
Two etnieses live together in this region, the kirghizeses and the wakhes. The first ones are nomads that reside the on the highlands of the Afghan Pamir during the whole year, in the north of the valley. Contrarily, the wakhes are shepherds and farmers that live in the bottom of the valley. The two ethnieses are Moslem, but here women work in the fields and they show their face.

Location: Afghanistan

Budget on the territory: 27.380 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 10.000 Euros

La Suisse d’Emilio

Direction: Joseph Péaquin
Production: RTS Radio Télévision Suisse e DOCFILM
Distribution: TSR1 (RTS), TV5 Monde, 3SAT
Genre: Documentary
Country: Switzerland/Italy
Year: 2012

Emilio is eighty years old today. He was born in Switzerland, suburb of Chamois in Valtournenche and today is the place where he does still live. When he was young, in the summer he worked in the fields with his father and to his mother and in winter he was common to manufacture panniers and baskets. He has never been married and, after the death of his father, he took care of his mother. Nowadays he lives alone in the family house, has never abandoned his native village in which today he’s the only inhabitant, he has never taken one day of vacation and he has never seen the sea; despite this, he doesn’t need anything else. It is simply happy and he never gets angry. In winter his universe is constituted from a room where he spends his day together with his two faithful cats. In the late spring the village is repopulated with few people. During the beautiful season Emilio is less isolated. The documentary tells the daily routine of this unusual man.

Locations VdA: Chamois, Antey-Saint-André

General budget: 63.400 CHF
Budget on the territory: 48.100 CHF
Support Film Commission VdA: 25.000 Euros

NOTE: Broadcast by TSR1 (RTS), TV5 Monde, 3SAT

Sul filo

Direction: Joseph Péaquin
Production: DocFilm
Genre: Documentary
Country: Italy
Year: 2012

Joseph Péaquin is interested in the daily life of one of the Valley Mountain Rescue Team in Aosta, composed specifically of two mountain guides, that he decides to follow in their arduous daily commitment. From the activity in the office to the action on the most demanding and dangerous places, nothing will be hidden from the pictures of the Aosta Valley filmmaker. Some spark, featuring a private life segments, are used to create an very suggestive and impressive image.

Location VdA: many

General budget: 70.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 53.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 26.000 Euros

Il traforo del Monte Bianco

Diretion: Riccardo Piaggio, Marco Serrechia, Luca Bich, Daniele Di Gennaro
Production: Associazione Pourparler
Genre: Documentary
Country: Italy
Year: 2015

The film tells, getting inspired by the volume “A northwestern passage” (“Un varco a Nord-Ovest”, Silvana publishing, 2012), as well as the second anticipated publishing chapter for 2014, the visions, the protagonists, the history and the chronicles of the Tunnel of Monte Bianco, from its birth up to these days. The incidents are narrated with a particular attention to the actual topics of the social and economic relationships between Italy and France, and also to the cultural ones, related to he ideas of border and sustainable development. It’s the story of an ideal journey, from the intuitions of the first pioneers until the end of 1800, to the fall of the last rock diaphragm on August 14th of 1962 (remembered on the same day of 2012 with a conference in Courmayeur, which images appear in the film), to the period 1962-1965 (year of the opening to the traffic), up to the years of the boom of the mobility and to the tragic accident in March 24 of 1999. They belong to this trip in the history, in the chronicle and in the actuality, yesterday's and today’s protagonists, besides witnesses of the relationships ibetween Italy and France and to intellectual authors of reflections on the topics of the border and the sustainable development. The archive images finally have a fundamental space that constitute the visual and conceptual map of the documentary.

Locations VdA: Courmayeur, Tunnel Monte Bianco

General budget: 130.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 106.850 Euros

Note: Broadcast by France3 Rhone-Alpes e Auvergne, RAI3 national and RAIVdA (july 2016)
Support Film Commission VdA: 18.000 Euros


Direction: Alberto Fasulo
Production: Faber Film
Genre: Documentary
Country: Italy
Year: 2012

An alienating job that is born from a passion and becomes a dependence. A "not-place" of 5000 km inhabitated by a strange nomad tribe: the truck drivers. They join the east with the west, crossing seven European nations from Kiev to Lisbon. Ukraine, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal are the countries crossed from the corridor n. 5. Lonely men and women that follow a hand down passion, living inside enormous itinerant houses. Stories that appear and come across on the way or in the pit stop areas. Flows of conscience that are reflected on the landscape during the endless hours of the trip: the itself and the other, the distance from home, the sense of extraneousness, an alienating loneliness. The choice of extreme life of those who decide to be a truck driver it reveals the intrinsic contradictions of our consumption society, because it is the tribe of the truck drivers to transport the greatest part of the necessary goods to our globalized society.

Locations: Ukraine, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal

Provisional budget: 250.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 10.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 10.000 Euros


Deuxième Prix (Terra del Cinema – Festival de Trmblay-en-France 2014)
Mention Spéciale du Jury pour le long métrage (Berfort Entrevues Film Festival 2013)
Premio “Marc’Aurelio d’Oro” Miglior Film (Festival Internazionale del film di Roma 2013)
Premio AMC Miglior Montaggio (Festival Internazionale del film di Roma 2013)
Excellence Award per Alberto Fasulo (Italian Film Fashion Festival 2013)
Premio Solinas Documentario per il cinema (Premio Solinas 2010 per il soggetto originale)


2014 Festival des Films du Monde de Montreal
2014 mantova film Festival
2014 Bracciano LagoFilmFest
2014 Premi Internazionali Flaiano
2014 Kino Otok
2014 Moscow Intenational Film Festival
2014 Munchen Film Festival
2014 Open Roads: New Italian Cinema
2014 Linz Film Festival – Crossing Europe
2014 Terra del Cinema – festival de Tremblay-en-France
2014 Festival Dokumentanerga Filma
2014 Frammenti
2014 Hors les Murs Terra di Cinema – Festival du Cinéma Italien
2014 Mese del Documentario
2014 Per non Morire di Televisione
2014 Riviera Maya Film Festival
2014 Vilnius International Film Festival
2014 AstraDoc
2013 Ventana Sur
2013 Belfort Entrevues Film Festival
2013 Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma
2013 FilmMaker Festival
2013 Italian Film Fashion Festival
2012 festival dei Popoli
2012 Trieste Film Festival

Verso dove

Direction: Luca Bich
Production: L’Eubage
Genre: Documentary
Country: Italy
Year: 2012

Born to the will to make a tribute to a man whose many talents in life are divided among exploration, mountaineering and cinema, “Verso dove?” won't be a simple portrait of Kurt Diemberger and the events that have characterized his life path. Bich’s movie and Montrosset will show us instead how, even in a conqueror's case from the superhuman strength, time works inexorably and silent turnning the possibilities of the youth into uncertainties of the future.

Locations: Sud-Tyrol, Trentino, Salzburg, Bologna

General budget: 75.000 Euros
Budget on the territory: 41.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 20.000 Euros


Premio “Città di Imola” (Trento Film Festival 2014)
Premio Best Man & Mountain film award (Festival polacco di Ladek Zdroj nei Monti Sudeti 2014)


2014 Cervino Cine Mountain International Film Festival
2014 Kugy Mountain Film Festival
2014 Cortina in Croda
2014 Il Trento Film Festival sui Monti Sibillini
2014 Festival della Montagna
2014 Trento Film Festival a Milano
2014 Trento Film Festival
2014 Zakopane (Polonia)
2014 Poprad (Slovacchia)
2014 Bansko (Bulgaria)


A programme created by Francesco Cinquemani
Direction: Monica Gambino
Production: Rai Movie
Genre: Sitcom/Reality/cinematography information
Country: Italy
Year: 2012

Thanks to a CV from Bruno Vespa downloaded from the Intenernet, Gip and Robbie are appointed from the network to make a serious and strict detailed cinemtaography study…

Locations VdA: Courmayeur, Val Ferret, Breuil Cervinia, Saint- Barthélemy, Aosta, Verrès, Hône

Budget on the territory: 15.000 Euros
Support Film Commission VdA: 15.000 Euros

NOTE: 21 episodes from 15 minutes on the air in Rai Movie

Wild - Oltrenatura

Direction: Paolo Borraccetti
Cast: Fiammetta Cicogna.
Production: Anna Fabris (Italia 1)
Genre: TV bradcast
Country: Italy
Year: 2012

The popular broadcast of Italia 1 takes up 360 degrees of adventure: images coming from the foreign countries that propose us the adventures of Bear Grylls and Steve Backshall busy in insane pilgrimages all over the world; at the same time, in Italy, Fammetta Cicogna and her team face the rigid weather from a winter in Aosta Valley up in the mountains, gathering the pretext to show an unique and natural context out of the seaseon to the audience.

Locations VdA: from Brusson and Courmayeur

Budget on the territory: 10.000 Euro
Support Film Commission VdA: logistical support


Direction: Enrico Rimoldi
Production: FremantleMedia Italia, Magnoli
Genrre: TV format
Year: 2015

Eight well-known personalities will compete in tests of skill in the heart of the Alps. They are accompanied by mountain guides, whose expertise is valued and approaches the mountain world to the general public.

Locations: Courmayeur, Monte Bianco

Support Film Commission VdA: logistical