Presidente: UGO TUCCI

Born in front of the historical site of the Fono Roma, and called every time it needed a child to make the buzz dubbing, the young Tucci demonstrates immediately to have the craft cloth playing all the roles of production, from help General Secretary Organizer, burning stages of a brilliant career, culminating in becoming producer of filmmakers of the Petri value, and also Magni, Antonioni, Leone, Corbucci, Bellocchio, Zampa, Vancini, Brass. Accomplices a law degree and the determination, which, along with an innate elegance, have made him a unique style of "man of the world". His filmography spans from art films to the genre films, with international stars of the caliber of Henry Fonda and Rod Steiger, chameleon-like actors such as Gian Maria Volonte and Mariangela Melato, popular icons like Alberto Sordi and Tomas Milian (of which he has taken to baptism the character named "Monnezza", even inventing the nickname). business operator estimated as administrator of Anica advisor and member of the VII censorship committee for ten years, Ugo Tucci has produced, among others, the first film of Bernardo Bertolucci La Commare Secca, Slap the Monster on Page One of Bellocchio, Magni's La Tosca, Zampa’s Il Mostro, Vancini’s Un dramma borghese, Ars amandi of Borowczyk, Closer to the Moon of Nae Caranfil, and two cult movies: Lenzi’s Free Hand for a Tough Cop and Fulci's Zombi 2, without forgetting the small screen through numerous and popular series TV.


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