The Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste has recognized the educational and formative value embedded in cinematographic, TV and audiovisual languages. These means of expression and channels of communication can encourage creativity and critical thinking; they can foster civic growth and social awareness among young people; they can promote and create visual education programs with initiatives in Italian and in French.


I premiati 2016:

1° - Alice Massaccesi per “Red”
2° - Ludovica Mocci per “The Fight: escape to find yourself”
3° - Daniele Faccio per “Every f***ing morning”
4° - Francesca Sudano per “Caricando in corso”
5° - Federica Laurent per “La Sfida”
6° - Irene Sottile per “Extra Moenia Mundi”
7° - Karin Scuderi per “The Figh”
8° - Carlotta Marrico per “Checkmate”

Alice Massaccesi per “Red”



I Premiati 2015:

1° – Bryan Manca per “Fiducia”
2° - Louis Aymonod per “Trust”

3° - Lorenzo Rabellino Béthaz per “Fiducia”
4° - Francesca Sudano per “Headmate”
5° - Alessio Floccari per “Fidarsi ad occhi chiusi”
6° - Daniele Faccio per “Il flusso”
7° - Claudio Massimo Pieretti per “All’alba di un nuovo giorno”
8° - Fabiana Carta per “La fiducia”
9° - Elisabetta Enrietti per “Trust”
10° - Karin Scuderi per “La fiducia”

Lorenzo Rabellino Béthaz per “Fiducia”

Fabiana Carta per “La fiducia”

OLTRECONFINE Laboratorio di cinema del reale

Typology: Formation for professionals
Professors: Giovanni Cioni
Dates: February / June 2015

Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste, in collaboration with the dir ector Giovanni Cioni, OLTRECONFINE
Actual Cinema Workshop

A workshop to give ideas and share projects about the borders; ideas that can be developed in the as experimental cinema briefings, or projects created during the workshops.

"A workshop whether to explore the idea of confinements through the writing and direction of a series of jobs made in collective or individually, realized as proposals and free declinations of the idea of border. A narrative point of departure, for this trip that we take, are the Canti Orfici di Dino Campana. More than a narrative spark, a poetic material, an inspiration map.

Often in my cinematographer job about real life, I get inspiration from narrative models - a an Arabican nights story, the Neapolitan legend of the captain, the black pirate of Salgari, the epic of Ulisse. They are footsteps, maps, to go over a conditioned look to the word "documentary" - that a implicates a document to report with objectivity, as if reality was a fact, unavoidable. As if while making a film you didn't participate in this reality, building it, almost inventing it. But it doesn’t mean that the reality is less truth.".
(G. Cioni)

Beginning from this and other suggestions (see attached material), to whoever may be interested in participating it is needed a motivation, an idea for a project or a project, eventually a job to show: filmed material, photos.
"Because a workshop is feeds by the proposals and the path of its participants."

The workshop will start in February and it will conclude in the month of June, foreseeing a first block of meetings dedicated to the discussion about the materials, the ideas and the introduced projects, with the purpose to delineate a common project or a series of different and complementary experiments around the same idea; besides, it will be the moment for a first phase of surveys.

Successively the lab will continue alternating working with the director (what it will also coordinate some phases of shooting and editing) and work with freelancers.

cineasta, ha vissuto tra Parigi (dove è nato nel 1962), Bruxelles, dove si è formato, Lisbona, Napoli e la Toscana, dove attualmente vive.
Cinematogrpaher, who has lived between Paris (where he was born on 1962), Bruxelles, where he studied, Lisbon, Napoli and the Tuscany, where he lives today.


“Per Ulisse”:
- Premio del concorso internazionale and premio cinemaitaliano al Festival dei Popoli, Firenze, dicembre 2013,
- Menzione speciale al festival Cinema e diritti umani, Napoli, dicembre 2013,
- In anteprima a Visions du Réel, Nyon, competizione internazionale, aprile 2013,
- Etats généraux du film documentaire, Lussas, aout 2013,
- Festival des cinemas des Peuples Anuuruaboro, Nuova Caledonia, competizione internazionale, novembre 2013)

“Gli intrepidi”:
- In anteprima alla 69 Mostra del Cinema di Venezia, Giornate degli Autori,

“In purgatorio”:
- Selezionato e premiato in vari festival (tra cui il Festival dei Popoli, Bellaria e Cinéma du Réel), distribuito in sala in Belgio e in Francia, NOUS/AUTRES.

Together with Pinangelo Marino, they create and direct the Laboratori Uccelacci, scriptwriting and filming workshop with youth from thehigh schools in the provicne of Florence.

In April 2011, the festival Visions du Reel of Nyon dedicated an exhibition to his work.

Vai al sito di Giovanni Cioni


Tipology: Basci formation for secondary schools
Professors: Liceo Classico, Artistico and Musicale of Aosta
Dates: Autumn 2013 / Spring 2014

Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste, in collaboration with Chambre Valdôtaine des entreprises et des activités libérales, has approved with favour the advanced didactic proposal from the Liceo Classico, Artistico and Musicale of Aosta related to the creation of a cinema workshop, for the qualified students of the secondary schools in the school year 2012-2013, which concludes with the production of documentaries about topics related to the history, the tradition and the territory in Aosta Valley. The project, that has been able to benefit the didactic competences and the stable equipments of the proponent subject (Liceo Classico, Artistico and Musicale of Aosta) and of some professionals from the cinema cercle in the Aosta Valley, is proposed to furnish the students with the basic tools to face and to overcome the different phases of the construction of an audiovisual content: from writing the subject to the layout of a real screen-play, from the preparation of a route plan to shooting the sequences, from the edition of the images to the end of the product through the complex phase of post-production, up to the realization of an complete documentary product. This objective has been pursued through the cross study of some introductory disciplines that foresees the study of the history of the criticism and the aesthetics of the audiovisual language and the close examination of the writing, photography and filming techniques.


Tipology: Formation for professional figures
Professors and speakers: Jean-Michel Petit
Date: May 2013

In May 2013 a cinema studio about correction took place in Aosta.
The course, organized by Film Commission Vallée of Aoste and Chambre valdôtaine des entreprises et des activités libérales in collaboration with DocFilm, has given the possibility to about ten operators of the video sector to undertake a closer examination and improvement of the digital techniques related to the color correction, crucial phase of the post-production in which it the hard work is to modify the filmed material for getting a correct image from the photography’s point of view.
In this case, the software DA VINCI RESOLVE 9 was used (normally employed by the cinema and audiovisual industry in the United States), one of the best applications today available on the market for the digital management of the color.
The workshop in French has hosted as protagonist Jean-Michel Petit, experienced in color correction with a lot of professional experience (France Télévisions, TV5 Monde, ARTE TV, MCM, Bonne Pioche) and qualified instructor for the education structure prom Paris "Les Lapins Bleus."


Tipology: Formazione per figure professionali / giornata riservata alle scuole superiori
Intructors and speakers: Felice Notarianni
Date: Novembre 2012

Workshop organized by Film Commission Vallée of Aoste and Chambre valdôtaine des entreprises et des activités libérales with the aim of furnishing together a vision of the scenopgraphy world. From an organizational point of view the appointment has been thought to be done in different parts: a communication moment related to a specific public (a class of the Liceo Artistico of Aosta and three classes of the ITPR Conrad Gex always from Aosta) and two days reserved to 15 professionals individualized among those who have made an application: they were artisans from the Aosta Valley coming from different specialities (wood, iron, etc.), but united by the desire to expand their own professional baggage through the acquisition of fundamental tools to be able to answer to the potential cinema productions that are interested in our territory.
The studio is directed by Felice Notarianni, scenographer who lives in the valley from a few ago, that has made a professional career in theater and television for thirty years (he is still scenography responsible for in well known programmes such as "Striscia la notizia”, "Paperissima" and "Verissimo"), and he’s worked with other professionals of the sector.


Tipology: professional instruction
Instructors and speakers: Bruno Oliviero, Luca Mosso, Alessandro Rossetto, Carlotta Cristiani, Emmanuelle Fage
Date: Agosto / Ottobre 2012

With practical character, the workshop has consisted in the creation and in the realization of short films on the world of the territorial resources inthe valley. For the documentaristis in grass the organization has made equipments available techniques of resumption audio and video and suite of assemblage.
The courses have been followed and instructed by some of the most important characters in the Italian documentary cinema.
The responsible have been the director Bruno Oliviero, professor in IED and author of film like Odessa, Naples, Piazza Municipio and Milano 55.1, and Luca Mosso, critical cinematographic for "La Repubblica", "Cineforum", "Duellanti", "Lo straniero" and author of monographs about the most important documentary directors. There have also been present in the workshop Alexander Rossetto, director and producer of I fuochi di Napoli, Bibione Bye Bye One, Chiusura, Carlotta Cristiani, editor of all the projects of Silvio Soldini and the documentary projects of Leonardo di Costanzo, Marina Spada, Armin Lnke and Aurelie Ricard Edition Assistant for Jean-Pierre Melville and then responsible of several documentary projects for ARTE.



Director: Lorenzo Bich
Duration: 21’
Year: 2013

The director recreats through an interview to his father, some significant fragments of his existence.



Director: Enrico Casagrande
Duration: 16’
Year: 2013

The working day of two professional beekeeper in the valley. A series
A sequence of events articulated from ritual repetitive, but soaked with passion and enthusiasm.


Direction: Enrico Casagrande
Duration: 13’
Year: 2013

15 agosto 1978, seven boys from Gressoney-La-Trinité climb the Monte Rose to the search of a lost valley. The visionary reconstruction of a very different day from the others.



Direction: Michel Domaine
Duration: 21’
Year: 2013

Inventarsi mestieri dal nulla per individuare nuovi mercati: la produzione artigianale di frittelle di mela è solo una delle tante idee di un giovane imprenditore valdostano.



Direction: Daniele Mantione
Duration: 19’
Year: 2013

Livio spends his days in a small urban garden. The small daily gestures, the dialogue with his friends, the care of the details represent the correct attempt to cross a fragment of serenity.



Direction: Giulia Coccovilli
Duration: 14’
Year: 2013

Life on the mountains and the breeding of the animals, hard practices that by now few young people from the valley know and they unconditionally respect in the severe rituality. There is no time to think about the superfluous and this is already a conquest.



Direction: Giulia Coccovilli
Duration: 16’
Year: 2013

The stories of a few wise old men reconstruct the recent history of the region, which orbits around Valgrisenche, interrupted by a dike, mental and physical block that has modified the perception of territory of its own inhabitants.


Tipology: workshop for professionals and experiment for students
Instructors and speakers: Mikaela Alleyson, Rosetta Grosso, Kilian Marin
Date: Giugno 2012

Workshop of "Makeup and hairstyling in the cinema" organized by Chambre valdôtaine des entreprises et des activités libérales and Film Commission Vallée of Aoste. The workshop, related to hairdressers, beauticians and professionals in the health centers of the valley is developed in June in the Cittadella dei giovani, that hosted 12 professionals of the sector and some students from secondary schools I.T.P.R. "Conrad Gex", and the Istituzione per l’istruzione classica e artistica of Aosta and the Progetto Formazione of Chavonne.
Aim and goals - to furnish the participants with basic knowledge and the most effective tools to conceive and do the makeup and hairstyling for fashion and cinema sphere, with a particular focus on the study of the face and the different typologies, on the correct use of the colors, on the various makeup techniques, on the methods to create hair styles in line with the evolution of the contemporary taste and the tendencies.


Tipology: workshop for students of secondary schools
Instructors and teachers: Alexine Dayné and Alessio Zemoz
Date: 2012 / 2013

The project "Cinema: materia per le materie" was born with the objective to offer to the secondary schools in the valley a programme of useful cinema projections to deepen some matters of the educational offer in the schools, giving a great opportunity of education to the meantime through the cinema image.
This project, submitted before in experimental form to a class of the Istituzione Scolastica I.T.P.R. “Corrado Gex” of Aosta, has subsequently turned to all the secondary schools of the Aosta Valley, proposing a program à la carte of selected films and gathered depending on the principal present subjects in every highschool (history, literature, philosophy, physics, geography, economy, etc).
Every film projection has been followed by a discussion moment and a close examination in the classes.


Tipology: Education for professionals
Intrusctors and speakers: Angelo Acerbi, Luca Bitterlin, Adriano Bassi and Francesco Beltrame
Date: December 2011

Course for the formation in Location Manager, related to professional figures with knowledge of the valley territory (nature guides, operating tourists, alpine guides, journalists etc.) who want to develop their formation with a new entrepreneurial professionalism. The course started with a first informative day open to the Aosta Valley community, near the Pepinière of Entreprises of Aosta. Meanwhile, a second phase interested 12 professionalists selected among those people who had introduced his own application for registration. The course was organized in collaboration with the Chambre valdôtaine des entreprises et des activités libérales.
During the stage, the aim was to explain the Location Manager job, what is he asked to do, and give the basic knowledge and tools to get to develop the functions. Afterwards, there was a practical work in which people had the opportunity to experience the real job.


Tipology: Education for professionals
Instructors and speakers: Alberto Fasulo
Date: March 2012

Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste organized the workshop "Il racconto sonoro del film” (The Sound Story In the Film”), dedicated to the analysis of the narrative potential of the sound.
Alberto Fasulo, creator and teacher of the course, declared himself one of the most sensitive filmmakers about it. After making "Rumore Bianco", poetic documentary on the river Tagliamento that was projected in over 30 international festivals receiving important recognitions and getting the candidacy to the gold Ciak as it operates in 2009 before, Fasulo filmed "TIR ", whose screen-play has received the Premio Solinas Documentario per il Cinema 2010 e il Marc’Aurelio d’Oro come miglior film al Festival di Roma 2013.